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Like so many of the great philanthropic organizations in history, the main precept of the Niagara County Deputy Sheriff's Association (NCDSA) is giving back to the community that has done so much for us.  The roots of the NCDSA, which presently has around 130 members in its corrections and dispatch divisions, reach back at least a half a century.

"We've always been active with community activities throughout our history," states President Jeff Newman, "We especially try to focus on youth oriented programs."

The list of organizations the Niagara County Deputy Sheriff's Association donates to includes- Lockport Little League, Anjo League, Kidspeace, the DARE program, Children's Hospital, the United Way and the Diabetes Association.  The NCDSA also sponsors a golf camp for kids at the Adelphia Sports Complex in which 250 kids per year are able to participate. 

In addition to monetary donations, members of the NCDSA have volunteered their time at many community events sponsored by other organizations, such as fund raising events for Multiple Sclerosis and Cystic Fibrosis, the annual Heart Walk sponsored by the American Heart Association and the United Ways "Days of Caring" where 15 - 20 representatives of the NCDSA go out and spend a day working to beautify a community.
The NCDSA also carries on several programs and committees, such as: Executive Committee, Political Action Committee, Finance Committee, ByLaw Committee, Negotiation Committee, and Union Stewards. 
The NCDSA also donated funds for the purchase of a memorial monument to honor and commemorate fallen Niagara County Deputy Sheriffs and law enforcement officers across the country.  The NCDSA also sponsors three 1000.00 scholarships a year for students who wish to study in the field of Criminal Justice.

Check out the Sheriff Department's website here for additional information regarding the Niagara County Sheriff Department and related all other organizations, programs, employment, etc.